Thursday, August 30, 2012

By Age 25

By Age 25, I have done numerous things with my life, here are a list of some of my accomplishments in my life thus far: World Traveler, by age 25, I have visited 12 countries including: 1.Canada (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Yukon Territory, New Brunswick, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Vancouver, British Columbia) 2. Mexico 3. Honduras (Isle of Roatan) 4. Belize (Belize City) 5. Italy (Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice, Pompeii, Milan, Capri) 6. Switzerland 7. Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, Isle of Lewis, Isle of Harris, Isle of Jura, Isle of Gigha, Argyll, Orkney Isles, Isle of Mull & Iona, Inverness, Ayr, Largs, Isle of Scalpay, Isle of Lunga, Kintyre, Isle of Ulva, etc.) 8. Vatican 9. Cayman Isles 10. The Bahamas 11. Fuji 12. New Zealand (North and South Island, Auckland, Wellington) And as far as States, Hell I think I've been to almost all of them, including Hawaii (1995) and Alaska (2008) Ok so I may have traveled a bit, but lets see my academic career accomplishments: Educated in Private and Public Schools in Virginia and Florida, Graduate of the State College of Florida in Bradenton, FL (2009) and James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia (2012). In High School, I was on the honor roll for a couple years, I was even elected class president junior year and student body president senior year! Ok so maybe I've traveled a lot and I'm educated, but can I play sports? Yes I can! Here are some team sports I've played in my life so far: 1. Little League Baseball (4 years) 2. Soccer (4 years) 3. Fencing, Specialized in Sabre (2 years) 4. Rugby, University Rugby Player for JMU (2 years) 5. Lacrosse (1 year or less) 6. College Wrestling at JMU (1 year) and while not on a team, I also participated in playing football, baseball, soccer, basketball, weightlifting and running with my friends. I am also a avid kayaker, fishermen, and I have participated in sailing regattas, as I have been sailing with my family since I was 5 months old. You could say I was born on the water, I'm always willing to go out on the water! Ok so maybe I am a bit spoiled traveling, playing sports, and well educated, but have I been a member of any organizations? Yes I have! I am a past member of the NRA (I love guns!), Boy Scouts of America (Cub Scout,Boy Scout), Virginia Academy of Fencing, Madison Rugby, Health Administration Student Organization, and I am a current member of Clan Donald USA! While this is not a complete list, its good for now. See the thing is, I just can't stay still, I was born running, born exploring, born ready to do anything with my life. I'm still up for anything, from age 25 to 101! I'm gonna be out there exploring this world, and I'll be sure to post here from time to time!

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